Home IT Support

If you are experiencing problems on your home computer / laptop we are happy to help get it sorted with our easy steps!

Typical Problems:

  • Spyware, viruses, popup boxes.
  • Freezing, not starting, or slow.
  • Dead, no power, no display, or bleeping.
  • Data Backup.
  • Data Recovery.
  • Wipe & Reinstall windows.
  • Return computer to manufacture defaults/settings.
  • Setup new computers.
  • Installing broadband.
  • Setting up a wireless network.
  • Setting up home shared network.
  • Install software.
  • Upgrades.
  • Advice, guidance, recommends hardware and software.
  • Other Issues can be resolved upon request.


Computer Systems:

Our Technicians are trained to support all common systems Windows XP & Vista, Windows 7 / 8, Windows 2003 / 08 Server, Apple and other Operating Systems, please inform us of the operating system before a call out or Remote Session as we need to load the correct Software to Connect.

No Fix No Fee -

With a no fix no fee policy you can’t go wrong. If we can’t do the job we won’t charge you, it’s only fair. But we will fix it, we always do. Excludes data recovery, because success or failure is down to the state of the data, and is outside of our control.

Foreign Languages -

We can still help if your computer is not in the English language. We have had a fair experience dealing with computers in languages we don’t speak; this has not been a big problem. But please advise us first, so we can be prepared, some Technicians do speak other languages.

Remote Desktop Support -

Occasionally our Technicians are able to fix the problem over the internet by contacting your computer remotely, this allows us to share your screen, mouse and keyboard so we can fix the error and talk you through the issues step by step without visiting your premises. Alternatively if you have a datarift account with us you can look in our Tutorials section for simple support.