LED Lighting


LED (Light Emitting Diode), a solid state lighting, is an energy efficient, cost saving, low maintenance, environmentally friendly lighting solution. In comparison with traditional incandescent, fluorescent, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lighting) and Halogen bulbs, LED lighting is the best lighting source for your needs. 

LED Lights not only consume a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional lighting, it provides a double benefit of being longer lasting and environmentally friendly.


Internal Lighting

st-john-the-baptist-ledOur Qualified Electricians have recently installed new internal LED flush ceiling speakers into a congregational area within a Church, the room prior to the refurbishments had 10 fluorescent tubes which were prone to short life.

The operational life of LEDs last 4 to 40 times longer than traditional lighting products, while maintaining consistent light output over life.

This lighting solution has been queried by church goers for home use in gardens and to replace halogen kitchen lights.

We also installed flush mounted ceiling PA speakers as part of the same style and layout, more information on our PA systems can be found by Clicking Here.


Car Park Lighting

LED-before-afterLED is brilliant for external security lighting. The lamps last much longer than traditional halogen bulbs, the lights simply come on at the flick of a switch with no ‘warm up’ time required.

Councils are currently installing LED Lighting in a number of areas simply for the cost reduction and benefits as you can see from the before and after image.  In comparison to halogen bulbs they reduce the power consumption by approximately 70% and last 50.000 longer.


If you would like additional information regarding LED lighting for Residential or Commercial please get in touch.